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internet, I have a problem

2 June 2011

Well, several problems, if we’re being honest. The one to which I originally intended reference involves an addiction to staring at food blogs/foodgawker/tastespotting/finding vegan/etc for hours upon hours of added-up instances of procrastination; although perhaps a more pressing problem involves the series of terrible decisions resulting in a 3-month span of zero income + double rent/utilities owed + not enough in savings to justify the former two considerations. To make a long and sordid story short, I’m now living on a budget of $10/week (for groceries, gas, cat food, etc.). I’ve toyed on-and-off with the idea of starting (yes, yet another) food blog documenting resulting cost-effective culinary creations, but it wasn’t until epiphany struck in the wake of disintegrating gluten-free muffins disasters and spilt sorghum flour that the idea for project simplify struck. My unenviable situation became a chance to change the way I live and eat and think about eating; my blog-to-be became a means of documenting those changes.

When something in my pantry runs out, I won’t replace it — not until I absolutely need to. Not only because I can’t afford pantry staples in addition to fresh fruit+veg, but also because I’m taking project simplify literally: fewer things in my pantry = simpler. So, there will still be the occasional recipe + photo, but I aim to shift into eating simple meals of grains + beans + veg. No more lusting over food porn and rushing off to the oven to recreate and guiltily consume [whatever it is]; just clean tastes, little-to-no cooking, whole foods. Which may be bad news to any readers who stumble across this blog and hope for the recipe for my famous prize-winning almond joy pie . . . but good news for me.

I’m tentatively aiming at something like four meals per day, roughly as follows, though not necessarily in this order:

  • some kind of smoothie/juice/green monster
  • oatmeal
  • raw salad
  • bowl of half grain, half veg + protein

I won’t be uber-strict, at least not at first; I see this as a lifestyle change I’ll gradually ease into. In the mean time, I’ve remaining pantry items to use up (pastas, pumpkin, coconut milk, peanut flour, etc.) and fresh-made pizza dough in the fridge which I’ve no intention of wasting. This is merely a sketch of a goal that I’m working toward, or perhaps a means of casting the unavoidable dwindling of my food supplies as the summer progresses in a positive light.

So that was my long-winded way of saying: welcome, readers, and apologies for the lack of pie.

(There will probably still be pie. Just, you know, not as much.)

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