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15 June 2011

What’s that? Did somebody mention a bandwagon? Hold up so I can grab my kale chips and jump on it!

(Yeah, that’s right; first I’m [badly] food-blogging and now I’m What-I-Ate-Wednesday-ing.)

Fortunately for me (and you nonexistent readers, I s’pose), today was the first day in a few I managed to shake myself out of my cooking slump. I seem to go through alternating phases of spending every waking moment in the kitchen, and not being bothered to cook/eat anything other than oatmeal or my go-to super-cheap-n-boring salad (cabbage, balsamic vinegar, nutritional yeast, done).

Woke up at 5:30 and went for a quick morning run (while it’s still nighttime 73-degrees rather than daytime 106 down here); spent the entirety dreaming of oatmeal. You see, I’m borrowing my friends’ pot while they’re away for the summer, which means that oatmeal and I have rekindled our romance. Let’s just say there have been too many oatmeal-for-breakfast-and-dinner days recently to be entirely socially acceptable.

I didn’t photograph my oatmeal, partially because it’s not actually as beautiful as it tastes, but mostly because I couldn’t let a silly thing like photography stand in the way of true love. 1/2 cup oats cooked in 1 1/2 cups water and a pinch of salt until beautifully thick ‘n’ creamy; add almond milk snagged from my absent friends’ fridge + 5 drops of stevia + lots and lots of cinnamon and cardamom. Simple; perfect.

Worked outside for a few hours until the heat became unbearable, then inside for a big bowl of my new favorite snack:

granola, blueberries, almond milk

frozen blueberries, homemade granola, almond milk

Attempted to work for a while longer, but the kitchen bug had bitten; eventually gave up and made bread pudding. While it cooled, I went outside for some yard yoga. (My Bikram class card finally expired, and a new one certainly won’t be in my price range anytime in the near future. The good thing about 106-degree daytime highs, though, is that all you need is a recording and a mat+towel and you can have your own practice in the comfort of your own yard. Awesome.)

Time for lunch:

asian salad

colorful Asian salad

I’d been dreaming about this salad all. Day. Leftover brown rice mixed with rice vinegar and a dash of agave, purple cabbage, edamame, black sesame seeds, tamari, sriracha. In my dreams there were also raw zucchini slivers, but I must’ve forgotten about them in post-Bikram/-sun-exposure delirium.

asian salad

all mixed up!

Followed by some bread pudding, of course (recipe coming soon!):

bread pudding


Um. There may or may not have been more in that bowl before I managed to take a picture.

Had to buy more cat food, and on the way hit up a thrift store: I am now the proud owner of an actual salad bowl. Which means I don’t have to eat out of my huge ugly plastic mixing bowl! Yay! Also, a cute little $.50 placemat.

Which also means more varied photos for you lovely people, as evidenced by dinner:

zucchini bowl

still no fork, though. oops.

Shredded purple cabbage, caramelized red onion, barely sauteed zucchini slivers, dried basil, balsamic vinegar. This. Was. So. Good. I should’ve taken a picture of it all mixed in so you could see all the gorgeously vibrant cabbage underneath, but honestly once I started eating it nothing could’ve dragged me away.

And . . . that’s it! Although, let’s be honest here, there will almost definitely be another bowl of bread pudding for dessert. Or maybe some oatmeal.

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