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lavender oatmeal ice cream update

23 June 2011

You guys. I (bravely) tasted it this morning and it wasn’t nearly as disgusting as I remembered. Kinda tasty, in fact. Stuck it in the ice cream maker — because ice cream makers can make anything better — and baked up a quick crunchy oat crumble (oats, oat flour, brown sugar, applesauce, oil) to mix in. The result? Oddly addictive! (The crunchy oat crumble may or may not be the best part, but still.)

lavender oatmeal ice cream

some day, I'll invest in an ice cream scoop

I won’t bother with a recipe — yet — because although I’ll happily eat this stuff, I probably wouldn’t serve it to others as is. (With a few modifications, though? Almost definitely.) Also the ingredients are kinda . . . unorthodox (because obviously I couldn’t handle the thought of making my standard go-to perfectly deliciously decadent recipe for just me): involved overnight oat bran/chia pudding, lite coconut milk, dates, and (too much) lavender. Yeah, I warned ya.

lavender oatmeal ice cream

at least I've got this classy glass

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