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why I shouldn’t be a food blogger

30 June 2011

No, this isn’t going to be a post about how I don’t blog for days on end, or how I completely forget about WIAW* after being super-excited about joining that bandwagon for two weeks in a row, or how I eat the same meals every day for weeks and am too cheap/habit-driven to experiment with new ingredients, or how I’m too lazy to do anything other than snap crappy iPhone photos despite the beautiful canon DSLR languishing unused in my closet, or even how every single one of those crappy iPhone photos is taken in the same place featuring my (one) placemat and one of my (two) bowls.

Although, come to think of it, those are pretty good reasons too.

No, today I realized that I probably shouldn’t be a food blogger because I eat a lot of really, really ugly food.

Exhibit A: this morning’s breakfast.

oatbran + chia pudding

mmm, gruel topped with fish eggs?

To be fair, that tasted delicious. Oat bran (Did You Know that oat bran cooked like oatmeal tastes just like cream of wheat? This was my first exciting discovery of the week; my second exciting discovery of the week was that I actually like cream of wheat, apparently, despite hating it when my mom used to make it for me as a kid — too mushy) topped with chia pudding (chia seeds, homemade almond milk, espresso powder, stevia; speaking of which, third exciting discovery of the week — which was really more like a “d’oh” moment — was that you can, in fact, make almond milk out of almond meal when you don’t have/can’t afford more almonds).

Still not convinced? Exhibit B: this afternoon’s lunch.

ugly salad

what's that? some sort of . . . swamp . . . thing?

Cabbage, sauteed zucchini slivers, pesto hummus, balsamic vinegar. Tasty, but let’s face it: this baby isn’t going to be winning any beauty contests, even if I did have real food-blogger plates/props/lack-of-laziness.

Ah well. I’ve got granola bars in the oven and a chocolate sorbet base in the fridge, both of which stand a chance of being less hideous. Fingers crossed.

* Admittedly, missing WIAW might’ve been a good thing this week, since all I could stomach yesterday was several bowls of oat bran due to nausea caused by some combination of psychosomatic concussion-paranoia and muscle relaxants after getting, um, slightly trampled by a horse. Fun times.

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